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About Us

We are a small family business located in Pennsylvania, USA, focused on creating high quality, environment friendly fabrics. All our products are certified safe and used for making reusable articles helping eliminate the need for using disposable items & supporting a smart clean future for our precious ones. Our materials are used for making reusable cloth diapers, soaker pads, food safe bags, baby clothes, sports apparel, pet bedding and many more items.

Here's what our customers are saying:

I have been very happy with the customer service and the products this company provides. From the beginning they have been patient with all my questions and most of the time they have been quite silly questions:) I would recommend them to anyone interested in the products they will not be disappointed!

-Patti Gingerich from Ontario, Canada


Cloth Diaper Tips - Cleanup Time - Different ways of getting the poop off include scraping with a designated rubber spatula, spraying with a spray nozzle attached to your toilet supply line, or spray with a squeeze sports bottle.

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