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About Us

We are a small family business located in Pennsylvania, USA, focused on creating high quality, environment friendly fabrics. All our products are certified safe and used for making reusable articles helping eliminate the need for using disposable items & supporting a smart clean future for our precious ones. Our materials are used for making reusable cloth diapers, soaker pads, food safe bags, baby clothes, sports apparel, pet bedding and many more items.

Read What Our Customers Have To Say:

I love the color options available for KAM snaps from wazoodle! They offer more options than anyone else and i can match whatever design i'm doing.

Katherine Adams

I love the Bamboo Organic Cotton Fleece that Wazoodle offers. I was very pleased with how well the fabric absorbs. I will be coming back to place another order very soon. Thank you!

Meisha Marshall

Wazoodle has made it easy to learn about the fabrics I need to make my own inserts for cloth diapers. Zorb is a wonderful asset to cloth diapering families everywhere!


We are a little company in Hungary. We make cloth diapers, insters, wetbags, changing match. We buy all ot the primary commodity from Wazoodle. (PUL, wicking jersey, hemp, zorb)

If i have a question, i always get answer in a short time. If my order is hurry for us, alway help me, to arrives me as soon as possible.

i hope it will remain all the time.


Fruzsina Olah

Very impressed with the quality of the products! I'm in love with Zorb II, Ill never use anything else in a diaper, its so absorbent and works like a miracle for my heavy wetter. The only dissappointment was how long it took to recieve my order. My experience with wazoodle customer service was very pleasant, the rep i talked to was very helpful.


Great store, fantastic selection on great quality products. Making diapers and baby items has been a great experience.  thank you wazoodle and staff.


I love how easy your site is and great prices! Id use again and again! 

Jennifer Alexander

Fantastic customer service and shipping was super speedy. Products are very high quality. Your pul is my favorite and I have tried many brands.

Betsy Boileau

At first I was very pleased with the service and materials I had received, however, I was given the wrong sizing information on cord locks. When I asked to receive prepaid return labe I was told the item amount wasn't large enough so I had to pay to return the item. The website says, "if it is their fault they will provide return label." Of course, that hasn't happened and I will have to pay to return something that was not my error. I believe customer service is very important so I probably will not order again nor refer my friends.


I just love Zorb. It is a very useful product for use in reusable diapers and pads.  

Whitney Barnhart
Have more coupons available. But awesome website.

Quality products at a great price as always. First time ordering seconds of the PUL, and couldn't have been more please, work great for the toddler bibs i made.  Processing and shipping prompt as always.  I love Wazzodle for all my projects!

Jeanette Schmidt

KAM Snaps are the only ones i use, great quality, and great price.

Jeanette Schmidt

I was very impressed with the amazing fast shipping!! And the fabric itself is great! But my 2 yards was shorted by 2 inches and that was very upsetting considering how expensive it is. I didn't contact anyone about it because I didn't think something like that can be proven so I just overlooked it. I probably won't order again for that reason tho. But I was very impressed with the fast service:)

Kaysie Martin

We have been purchasing from Wazoodle for a number of years now. Products are great and they are always adding new items to their product line, which is good for we! Customer Service has been very considerate when I have needed to contact them!

Patti Gingerich

while looking for material to start my invention, they shipped & delivered promptly with what I needed.


I absolutely love dealing with Wazoodle, great customer service, very fast shipping and a huge variety of products in an aray of colours that give me everything I want and more to create my cloth diapers for my customers.  Thanks so much Wazoodle! 

Lindsay Cairns

I have purchased from Wazoodle on two occaisions, both of which have been promptly filled and shipped.  Prior to my first purchase (Cotton Flannel White), I received prompt and curteous responses to all of my questions, and the shop was great about recommending the material to best suit my needs.  My second order was three times more of the same cotton flannel, white.  I have been very pleased with the quality of the material as well as the customer serivce.  Lastly, having material available that is compliant with CPSC and offering certs is soooo appreciated! Keep up the good work Wazoodle team!

Stacey Brady

I wantt o say i am very happy with your custmoer service i had talked to you and asked for advice on many differant produsts you carry and she was so understanding and very helpful and never one time made me feel like i was asking to many questions nor did she rush me at all she was clam and was full of energy and was ready and willing to take on the moon to help me. I had been buying from two other suppliers and at first they sent me very good products but after a while they started sending just what ever and after much hardach and frustraion and much wasted monies spent I was in serch of a new supplier and i found Wazoodle and i am so happy with you products that i ahve bought thank you so much.


jn very satisfied from the tone I ordered it, to its on time delivery and up to receiving the products. Very good service! And very convenient !




Une grosse commande reçu rapidement!!! Merci pour votre super service!!!


Excellent service as always! Quick shipping :)

Valérie Légère

The Zorb Diamond II is lovely to work with. I love that it is soft and very absorbant. 

The Zorb Silver is a new material that I haven't had too much experience with. It is stiffer than I expected, because I thought it would be more like the Zorb Diamond II in touch to the hand.

Barbara Fowler

My experience with Wazoodle was great! My product came just as described and I loved how I was updated via email every step of the process from processing through delivery! Great experience. Will definitely order again, especially once I get my Etsy business up and running!


Ive been a long time Wazaoodle customer and never been less than pleased with products and customer service! I'm not a huge fan of change sO the new website is a bit confusing but still the same great products every time.


I can't wait to get my first order from Wazoodle! I'm determined to use cloth diapers with my first child, but the cost of pre-made diapers is simply more than I can afford. The option of ordering precut pieces and assembling the diapers myself makes cloth diapering much much more affordable. I really appreciate the LGB patterns and instructions as well. I was able to test out the pattern for myself using scrap material before buying the new material and I'm very happy with the result. Now I'm confident enough to buy the pre-cut LGB diaper kits!

Kelsey Chorney

One shop place for all things diapering. I visit offen just to see what's new.


Margaret McNabb

Great fabrics at great prices.

kathy rohret
Shipping was very fast
Sophie Parenteau

this company is a great find! They are very helpful with our business' needs.

Karlene wieland


I love the extensive selection of Eco friendly fabrics and the fact that they are made in USA.

Chloe kim

Shopping is always quick and easy. The only downside is that I always want more!

Kristina Starrett

Really love the Pro-Cool interlock for lining my cloth diapers. Had a problem or two with orders (I order 1 to 2x per month so things can happen!) and I have always got very good customer service, quick replies to my questions, phone calls or emails.

Jessica from BÖ Bé Boutique |


Good prices, fast shipping.  I've never been disappointed with any of the fabric I've gotten.

Elizabeth Doyen

We love the value and also being able to shop with confidence that we will revive a consistent high quality product and have support if we ever have any questions about any item we get here. This is our GO TO store for zorb and elastics.

Melanie Turner

Love your fast shipping! My orders are always here in a timly manner and always correct! Thank you!

Sarah Tenney

Love buying my diaper supplies from you! Thanks for being so awesome Cool

Angela Butts

I bought all of the supplies to make my diapers from wazoodle and I really loved everything that I got from them! They provided free shipping when the price got high, and I loved the options that they have on snaps. When making diapers you need a lot of sockets compared to studs and I loved that I was able to buy only what I needed of the sockets compared to the studs for a cheaper price than I could find anywhere else! They have wonderful quality microfleece that made making the diapers even easier!

Rachel Lange

Love these precuts for my grand daughter! They're cut just a bit slimmer between the legs and fit great. The absorbency is perfect and this time I'm sewing on a layer of pul and cotton to make them an all in one style.  She's used these from the small size and is getting ready to go into the larges.  

Germaine Sondereggger

I had a client that really wanted some PUL lined reusuable snack bags, I did a little searching via google and came across - Yay for finding FOOD SAFE PUL.  I will be back to buy more for sure as I am already getting more orders for these PUL lined snack bags & lunch bags too. 

Thanks a bunch. 


My order arrived as described. Very satisfied and will use this company again!


Love this company, and I love that they are local!!  Great products!!

Brooke Harlan

I love the fabric I received from Wazoodle.  It is great quality at an affordable cost.  I definitely plan on being a repeat customer and highly recommend them to my fellow sewer friends (in fact I already have recommended Wazoodle PUL).


I am very pleased with my order.  The process was easy and my order arrived on time.  The material is fantastic!

cindy jackson

I LOVE LOVE LOVE zorb II diamond. I bought some for my super heavy wetter, and I love how much is absorbs. Without zorb my daughter's diapers would be gigantic! It absorbs quickly, and hold so much! I like knowing that my child doesn't have a ton of chemicals against her skin. It does take a few washings to really absorb, and it can be difficult to sew with, but it's totally worth it!!

Bethany F

Great service and fast shipping


I LOVE the PUL from Wazoodle.  I have made many, many all-in-ones from the beautiful fabric purchased here.

Echo Keough

love your website, easy to navigate, your costomer service is great and the quality of products for the price is the best I've found.  Thank you for making my projects possible, from new diapers, gifts, and may more....


Jeanette Schmidt

Your products are great quality and you have great information on diaper and cover making.

Claudia Schaible

 Your website is a pleasure to use your shipping was fast.  Not to mention your quality of product ordered is the Zorb dimples, sandwich Pul and pro cool,  couldn't be happier with the quality of your products and prices thank you so much.   Will recommend your website and products.

Jeanette Schmidt

The quality of Wazoodle products is top notch.  I am so pleased with everything I buy from them.  

I have recommended Wazoodle Fabrics to a lot of my friends and will keep doing so!  Fabulous products!

Heather Davis

I enjoy sewing with your ProCare fabric.  It has a nice sturdy quality and is less stretchy than PUL.  Even after many washes, the material remains durable.


Thank you for making my shopping experience quick and easy. 

Tia Mead

I LOVE the new website! So much easier to navigate and order from! Thank you!!!

Shannon McConechy

My fabric came in the mail very quickly.  Sewed it up immediately into some overnight bamboo fitted diapers!  Very pleased with the quality of the fabric.  Thanks!


I have used this product more than once and found that it is easy to sew and absorbs as described. 

Barbara Fowler

Love ordering from Wazoodle! Great products and great service! Thanks so much  :)


I have been buying ProCare Fabric for a while to use in my lunch bags ans snack bags and I love it. Easily cleaned and very durable :)

Jana Hammond

Quick ship and great products! Thanks!

Suz Revell

I like the store

tania almendarez

I love the personal attention given by the staff.  They answer all my questions in a friendly and patient manner

Susan Young

I love the fantastic customer service and fast shipping!

Dawn Smeltz

 Customer Service is great and I feel comfortable that I will always get fabric and other items that are of excellent quality. 

Janet Ide

Great site with an amazing collection. So easy to navigate too! Excited and looking forward to the fabrics.

Pallavi Rohatgi

Wazoodles product are top notch, and their service was friendly and timely. I highly recommend Wazoodle to any one, especially to newbies to the sight! Complete positive experience!


I was so glad to find what I needed. I had been looking for a long time and got some lovely fabric at a great deal!


Great products!! unjque and tons of selection!! 


I love the new layout of the website and the products are great! For small-scale makers like myself, the quantity and color options are great to make variety while still getting great prices for supplies. Super friendly customer service whenever I've written. My go-to place now for diaper-making supplies!


Our order was filled quickly, easily and was received promptly.  Thank you for the great service.

Sheila Weber

I ordered the short end bundles and was very satisfied with all of them!! They came super fast also! Thanks so much!

Rebecca Breaux

I made a large purchase of notions, Zorb fabric, some seconds quality stay dry material and probably a bunch of other things! the webpage is very easy to navigate and shipping was fast. I was thrilled with the prices and my seconds quality fabrics hardly had anything wrong with them! Getting ready to place another order right now!



I love Wazoodle!  I regularly order and I'm always pleased with the service and products!

Alycia Ryan

Great job


This has been a journey since i started sewing, totally love the Zorb!

jessicalee acevedo

I really like the Zorb II Diamonds, and found that the customer service is great.


I am thankful you offer Made in the USA products. Keep up the quality work.

A Amaro
Shipping time has improved greatly since I first started ordering zorb. Thanks so much!

quick to process and ship out items! very user friendly site and checkout is a breeze!


Wazoodle is amazing - great products and fast shipping. 

Jen Stewart

Love dealing with Wazoodle under the new ownership. Great products, great prices, shipping from Canada is a big bonus! Love their Bamboo products and the PUL quality is excellent. They are quick to reply if you have a question or a concern. Love working with Wazoodle!

Lindsay Cairns

What I love most is that Wazoodle is a small business. I also love that it it is product specific. I can easily find supplies I am looking for when making cloth diapers, training "PUL-Ups", cloth pads, and more eco-friendly home use goods. Your home business helps mine. The quality of the products offered are always above my expectations and if ever there is a problem they are so helpful.  I also love information that is provided on each product, along with laundry suggestions. The videos are helpful as well and recommend expanding to more products videos.

Christina Cosby

Ordering was easy on line great website shipped very fast and I had always used a credit card thid time with paypal avaiable it was so simple and worry free. Then the best the fabric was excellent quality which is always a concern with on line shopping. thanks will shop again Janet

Me encantan!!
Cristina Giménez Oliver

High quality organic Bamboo fleece. One of the only place to get Locally made fleece. 

Sophie Foo


We have ordered twice from you and both our experiences was topped with very helpful answers on product questions as well as products that was send in minimal time after our orders were placed. Thanks so much for your helpfulness, professional and prompt replies (even though our time difference is huge!) and fast handling of our orders. We are looking forward to order from you again Smile


This will be an unusual testimonial, but it is true.  I ordered several fabrics and numerous KAM snaps for diapers that I was making for an incontinent kitten I had adopted.  Before they arrived, I found myself having to put the kitten down.  I notified Wazoodle, and they agreed to give me a refund, without the usual restocking charge.  I so appreciated their willingness to work with me.

Joanne Osuna
I ordered the zorb 2 and was quick delivery. The item was packed nicely and just whar I was expecting! Thank you so much!

Excellent products, love the organic options, and fast shipping to Canada!

Sarah Newhouse
Bamboo cotton fleece is the best absorbent material and it is good and soft next to the skin.
C Nguyen
We love Wazoodle's ProCool Jersey, and are proud to sew our upcoming line of athletic apparel using this great fabric. The staff have all been very helpful as we work hard to launch our new business.

i love that i can grow my home buisness while helping another

rhonda walton

I love the zorb 2 and the heavy bamboo for my soakers. Really great prices too!

Connie vande Hoef

Excelente servicio y confianza para los envios internacionales.

Pedi desde Mexico y ya estoy haciendo mi pañales!




Wazoodle has the best prices and selection of fabrics for cloth diapers and cloth pads. I love how everything coordinates from fabrics, to snaps, to threads! Cuts are generous and the free gifts are always some usable and a great way to find out about new materials to use in my projects. I know I will be back many many more times.


After recieving products made from fabric off of this site, I came here and realized I can buy all my diaper sewing materials here! I cant wait!

Shandi Ford

Your company is an absolute gem. You have excellent customer service, my order is always exactly as I ordered and I am very proud to use your high quality, dependable products in my sewing. Thank you for being such an excellent resource for specialty fabrics and notions. You have a lifelong customer!

Amanda McKibbon

Zorb II Diamond is the best cloth diaper fabric I ever used yet!


products ship fast!

The PUL we purchase from Wazoodle is perfect for our needs and the team members at Wazoodle are such amazing supporters of Days for Girls International as we strive to ensure that every girl everywhere has a washable feminine hygiene kits. We use the PUL inside our hygiene shields, which have been distributed in over 80 countries around the world. Wazoodle has played a big part in making that happen.
Days for Girls International
I love Wazoodle Products! Their prices and customer service are unbeatable!
Stacie - Kabüm! Cloth Diapers
Thanks this has helped me tremendous. I will just put in a biggish order next week for the ProCool Interlock and some PUL prints. Thanks for answering all my questions and your top service! It's much appreciated. And I will remember about the samples, thanks so much.
I just wanted to let you know that I got my material and I am very happy. Thank you so much. Have a great day.
Lia Murray
Very fast shipping, really impressed me. I will be ordering more items for sure!
Once again, AMAZING service! It's so nice to be able to order fabrics when I need them and know I don't have to wait forever to get them. I ordered on a Monday and my fabrics were at my door Tuesday morning. Truly amazing! Thank you Arch - you're doing a phenomenal job!!
Patti Council
I have been very happy with the customer service and the products this company provides. From the beginning they have been patient with all my questions and most of the time they have been quite silly questions:) I would recommend them to anyone interested in the products they will not be disappointed!
Patti Gingerich
I'm becoming incredibly spoiled! The customer service and ship times are amazing and I've found I no longer have to anticipate my needs. I can place an order and I know it will be here in 2 days. I once waited 6 weeks for an order to arrive when the company was in Canada and the new owner has completely turned the company around. Wazoodle is my favorite company to work with and I'm truly a lifelong customer!! Thank you!
Patti Council
I am absolutely delighted with the ""NEW"" Wazoodle! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff, the service the speed of shipping. So eager to help and work with their customers. Thanks so much Arch and Neha for the help with my latest order, I look forward to purchasing fabrics from Wazoodle for many years to come!
The new owners are incredibly fast responding to product questions and shipping orders!!! They offer customer service so much over and above compared to what I get elsewhere that I feel I should pay extra for it!! Highly recommend! The previous owners ran into problems and almost ruined a great company with great prices on a wonderful product line.
EZ Green Products LLC
I ordered through Wazoodle for the 1st time in October 2012. Before I finalized my order, I had a number of questions about which fabrics to order and the customer service and help provided was outstanding! I received my order within 7 business days (US to Canada) which is super fast in my experience. The quality of the fabrics is amazing! The fabrics are exactly as described if not better. I would really love to see an expanded product line to include all kinds of diaper making fabrics such as cotton interlock knits and wovens in popular prints. That would make Wazoodle a one-stop shop for me. Other than that, I cannot think of anything I would change.

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