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We are a small family business located in Pennsylvania, USA, focused on creating high quality, environment friendly fabrics. All our products are certified safe and used for making reusable articles helping eliminate the need for using disposable items & supporting a smart clean future for our precious ones. Our materials are used for making reusable cloth diapers, soaker pads, food safe bags, baby clothes, sports apparel, pet bedding and many more items.

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The PUL we purchase from Wazoodle is perfect for our needs and the team members at Wazoodle are such amazing supporters of Days for Girls International as we strive to ensure that every girl everywhere has a washable feminine hygiene kits. We use the PUL inside our hygiene shields, which have been distributed in over 80 countries around the world. Wazoodle has played a big part in making that happen.
Days for Girls International
I'm becoming incredibly spoiled! The customer service and ship times are amazing and I've found I no longer have to anticipate my needs. I can place an order and I know it will be here in 2 days. I once waited 6 weeks for an order to arrive when the company was in Canada and the new owner has completely turned the company around. Wazoodle is my favorite company to work with and I'm truly a lifelong customer!! Thank you!
Patti Council

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