I applaud your web design and development team for your excellent shipping notification system. After experiencing many horrid notification systems (especially those that shunt you off to the shipper's site), your elegant integration of Aftership is downright enjoyable. Thank you for making the customer experience better with this often-overlooked detail.

 Heavenly company! 

I love your company! Big shout out to Stacy in customer service.

Thanks for zorb bot!!

It's really convenient to choose from many prints of PUL fabrics!

I have had the best experience with this company! Quality product, awesome customer service. And fast shipping!!!

I love buy hemp terry fench, is exactly like photo, excellent product, work great. Also shipping just on time. Thanks

Delivered across the world..... as promised!

I keep returning to Wazoodle fabrics for excellent quality food safe fabric. 

Will be coming back for  more!

Thank you!


Zakiah, Singapore



Every time I purchase from Wazoodle, it’s an awesome experience. From great customer service to great products and fast processing and shipping, they really are a great business to work with. That’s why I keep coming back!!!

Great products and good selection.  Can't wait to receive my order.

I love using your website :)