Seam Sealing Tape for PUL Fabric

Seam Sealing Tape for PUL Fabric

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Seam Sealing Tape for PUL Fabric

Seam Sealing Tape

Made in USA

Can be used with ProSoft® PUL & ProCare® fabrics

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PRICE: US $1.00

PRICE: US $1.00



  • A 2 layer seam tape designed to seal sewn seams on PUL fabrics - NOT recommended to replace stitching.
  • It offers a wide processing window when applied using conventional hot air sealing equipment.
  • The increased melt flow of the adhesive layer helps promote a proper seal of crossover seams.
  • The high melting point barrier layer allows for sealing heavy seam constructions.
  • One can use a professional sewing machine with the attachment for seam sealing, or just use the seam seal tape between the stitch and then apply the heated iron on the stitch.
  • Recommended to be applied with a hot-air or RF welder
  • Can be applied with a home iron as long as there is some kind of substrate between the iron and the seam tape so that the seam tape does not stick to the bottom of the iron - something with silicone or PTFE like a coated paper. Also home irons have steam holes; so you want to stay away from those holes as there is nothing there to put pressure on the seam tape.
7/8" / 22mm


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Product Label Seam Sealing Tape

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