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KAM SNAPS Specials

  • KAM Size 20 Snaps Super Sale


    Get the best prices on KAM Size 20 Snaps, while stocks last.

    We only have a limited supply of these at the discounted prices

    Hurry up and get your snaps today!!

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Clearance & Overstock Specials

  • Clearance Center


    Save up to 50% on top-quality & second-quality fabrics.

    All first-quality fabrics that are either discontinued or we have a lot of.

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  • Wholesale Overstock Center


    Save $$$ on overstock fabrics while stock last.

    These are simply fabrics we've manufactured and have a lot of inventory. Browse Overstock Center



Discounted Fabric Specials 

  • "Mystery Color" Fabrics @ 10% Discount


    Mystery Color Fabrics are usually random colors that may or may not be from our stock.

    Save 10% on Mystery Color Fabrics, while stocks last.

    No other coupons are applicable on Dev Lots

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  • "Development Trial Lots" @ 25% Discount


    Fabrics in development sometimes don’t come out perfectly.

    Save 25% on Trial Lots and tell us what you think of the fabric, while stocks last.

    No other coupons are applicable on Dev Lots

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  • "Seconds Quality" Fabrics @ 30% Discount


    We sometimes have limited-quantity fabrics that are not up to first-quality standard.

    Here's your chance to save 30% on Seconds Lots, while stocks last.

    No other coupons are applicable on Seconds

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  • Pre-Cut "Yard Pieces" Up to 30% Discount


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    You can save up to 30% on all pre-cut "Yard Pieces".

    Discount only applies to limited fabrics that have "Yard Pieces" available in stock

    No other coupons are applicable on Yard Pieces

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