COVID-19 Update - Retail Store is Staying Open & Processing Orders 

Due to the closure of textile mills in PA, we are out of stock or have very limited quantities on a lot of fabrics in our Retail Store. We are manufacturing new lots of Antimicrobial & Medical Fabrics, which are available for Pre-Order from our Wholesale Store.

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COVID-19 Updates

| Mystery Color Fabrics @ 20% Discount |

What are Mystery Color Fabrics?
Mystery Color Fabrics are First-Quality randomly selected colors that may or may not be part of our stock program.

How can I find Mystery Color fabrics?
You can find them by selecting the Mystery Color option in the Color dropdown on the product page.

Why are you selling this at a discount?
These may or may not be part of our stock program, so we're giving them away to you at discounted prices in exchange for your feedback.

How to find Mystery Color fabrics?
Depends on the fabric. You can go to any product page, and click on the color dropdown to see the Mystery Color option (if available)