Just got my first order. Fast shipping. Very impressed quality and price. Will be placing more orders. Thank you.

Hola me ecanto la tela zorb increible vuelvo a comprar mas .Se las recomiendo.

Working with Wazoodle has been a great experience. Their customer service is excellent. It is so refreshing to be able to connect with people who are a part of the company. Individuals that are knowledgeable and caring about a customer's needs makes all the difference. Our charity work has reached women and girls all over the world. Without the support and superior products from Wazoodle, we would not have been able to reach so far. We recommend them highly!"
  • Absolutely amazing customer service.  I can't express how friendly and prompt the staff are. . I made a special request and the reply was so quick and my request was filled without hesitation.  The quality of my order. Was amazing.  Tbh is is by far my best online ordering experience..  At 

I absolutely love shopping here for all of my fabric needs. Ordering and shipping had always been simple and fast. They come out with innovative and new gaskets all the time which is exciting for me, I can't wait to try them all out! Thank you Wazoodle! 

je viens de recevoir ma commande et je suis très satisfaite, très beaux tissus, ils sont propres et bien identifés. merciSmile

I love the ProCare fabric for bibs.  I make bibs of all sizes for all ages and my customers love it.  

I'm very glad to know that there are some fabric companies making good textiles in the U.S. Seems like all come from China or elsewhere now. Finding Wazoodle is encouraging.

I received my order in good time and as promised. I have made up 6 diapers so far, as an experimental version and will be hearing if they are satisfactory in time. Sewing went well. I think it would be helpful on the website (which may have been there, but I did not see) if we were told that the Super Zorb is intended to be sandwiched between fabrics with a durable finish, like the French terry, flannel, or whatever. What is your best option? I really like the super zorb--lightweight, dries easily, and is shapable.



I love the Tuckable LGB diaper cover pattern.  I've made a few now.  Great pattern and free!!  Thank you so much.

You guys have the very best customer service ever!! And the products you sell are outstanding. Thank you so much for your great service and products. We are a very small Canada home company but you guys treat us like we are a big corporation....thanks again!