Wonderful company 

Thanks for all the extra fabric samples! Great colors and fabrics, I really can't choose :)

i love the great quality, North American made products. 

pretty esay to nevigate site, haven't completed order yet sooo don't know how happy i will be with me products.... like that the products i am interested in are made in North America

The fabrics I've seen are such great quality, it's amazing!

Thank you also for the great discounts, very appreciated. 

I have placed 2 orders and they arrive promptly and the product is of excellent quality.  I'm always pleased.

I love shopping with Wazoodle.  I have co.e to trust the quality of their fabrics.  Everything that I have ordered has been just fantastic!

J'ai commandé antérieurement, très satisfaite du matériel reçu et livraison rapide

The customer service and quick reply to emails is absolutely wonderful! Avery was able to help my pick the fabric best suited for the cloth liners I was making for my G Diapers. Prices for shipping are a little high when shipping to Canada but hopefully the fabric will be worth it.
Prompt, personal service


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