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ProSoft PUL Fabrics - Detailed Care Instructions


Preparing your fabric

This fabric is delivered cut & sew ready, pre-washing is neither recommended nor required. If you must pre-wash your yardage, use a gentle cycle and hang dry to avoid wringing damage.


Fabric sticking

This is a common problem with plasticized fabrics like PUL. It's best to use a Teflon foot, these are available at sewing stores for between $3 and $10 for most machines. If you can't get a teflon foot, you can try sewing through wax paper or daubing a tiny amount of sewing machine oil on your presser foot.


Leaking after sewing

Make sure you use good quality polyester thread. Tex-27 or 65/2 grades are the best. Cotton or rayon threads should not be used in diapers as they naturally wick moisture. Also make sure you use BALL POINT NEEDLES! Remember, PUL is a knit, so like all knits use a ballpoint needle. Sharps (the kind you use for wovens and felts) will slice the yarns which will cause the holes around the threads to enlarge and leak.


Need PUL for binding

You can make your own binding from PUL knits (instead of using FOE). Cut strips across the grain if you desire some stretch, and with the grain if you want to limit stretch. PUL is a knit base so you DO NOT cut it on the bias.


Washing Instructions

Wash with oxygenated bleach with no chlorine. The detergent should not already contain sodium percarbonate (the active ingredient in many oxygenated bleaches), or else you will risk overdoing it on your diapers! Wash temperatures can be HOT, that is, between 145 and 165 degree F (65 to 75 degree C). It is best to add hot water to the laundry tub then add powder until dissolved- then add your dirty diapers.


Rinsing Instructions

It is highly recommended to give an extra rinse cycle as any minute traces of the detergent or any other washing chemicals which are left in the diaper / product made from the PUL, are highly detrimental to the film and reduces the life of the laminate.


Drying Instructions

Dry on medium heat, at a temperature not more than 130 degree F (50 degree C). Use of fabric softeners is not recommended. Please DO NOT wring or iron on the film side. Any urethane film is affected by bleach, chlorine and dry heat exceeding 130 degree F. To have a longer life of your product, please take note of this.


Happy Sewing!