Flammability Statement - Class 2 & Class 3 Textiles


The following fabrics are classified as Class 2 and 3 textiles per 16 CFR Part 1610 under the Flammable Fabrics Act. That means they are NOT recommended for use in exposed areas of apparel or diapers. These fabrics exhibit variability when tested so even if they pass the Class 1 test requirement one time they could fail a subsequent test. You can consider them for use with the plain surface exposed, but please refer to the Subpart B of the Standard that describes the exemptions and use.

List of Class 2 & Class 3 textiles

  • Bamboo Fleece
  • Heavy Bamboo Fleece
  • Bamboo Baby Loop Terry
  • Organic Cotton Sherpa with Polyester
  • Organic Cotton Fleece
  • Organic Cotton Fleece 375 GSM
  • Organic Cotton Velour
  • Organic Cotton Sherpa

According to 16 CFR Part 1610 Subpart C Sec 1610.61 (b)

“(1) When tested for flammability, a small number of textile products exhibit variability in the test results; that is, even though they may exhibit Class 1 or Class 2 burning characteristics in one test, a third test may result in a Class 3 failure.” Violative products that the Commission has found”…. include “cotton fleece/sherpa garments”. “Because of the likelihood of variable flammability in the small group of textiles identified above, one test is insufficient to assure reasonably that these products comply with the flammability standards. Rather, a person seeking to evaluate garments made of such materials should assure that the program tests a sufficient number of samples to provide adequate assurance that such textile products comply with the general wearing apparel standard.”

They can be used as interlining and in unexposed areas of clothing and diapers. Handkerchiefs/wipes smaller than 24” on each side are not considered clothing for the purposes of this Act.