Flammability Certificate - Class 1 Textiles


Wazoodle Fabrics provides assurance that the fabrics listed below meet the Wearing apparel flammability requirements for Class 1 textiles per 16 CFR Part 1610 under the Flammable Fabrics Act. Class 1 textiles exhibit normal flammability and are acceptable for use in clothing and apparel. These fabrics are either tested for compliance in an approved laboratory or exempt from such testing requirements per 16 CFR Part 1610 Subpart A Sec 1600.1 (d).

This certification applies to the following fabrics:

1. Natural Fiber Fabrics

  • Bamboo French Terry
  • Heavy Bamboo French Terry
  • Bamboo Silk Weight Jersey
  • Bamboo Jersey
  • Bamboo Lining Fleece
  • Bamboo Interlock
  • Organic Cotton French Terry
  • Organic Cotton French Terry - 375 GSM
  • Organic Cotton 1X1 Rib
  • Organic Cotton Interlock
  • Cotton Flannels
  • Zorb® II Diamonds & Dimples

2. Synthetic Fabrics

  • ProCool® Jersey
  • ProCool® Pique
  • ProCool® Interlock
  • Lining Mesh
  • Snap Aid
  • SuperSoft® Minky
  • Minky Plush
  • Microfiber Terry Plus
  • SuperSoft® Micro Fleece
  • SuperSoft® Lining Micro Fleece
  • DiaperMaker® Micro Fleece
  • AKAStiq® Wide Loop Fabric
  • AKAStiq® Soft-Back Loop Fabric
  • AKAStiq® EZ Peel Loop Fabric

3. Waterproof Fabrics

  • ProSoft® PUL
  • ProCare®


The fabrics are manufactured in modern facilities following health, safety, and environmental protocols (EPA, OSHA, etc.) to ensure minimal impact on the environment, safe handling of chemicals, air quality and noise level controls.