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Check Order Status

To check your order status, you will need: 1) order number, 2) billing name, 3) email, and 4) address or zip code.  You may check your Order Status here. 

What your order status means


  •  Pre-order Pending Payment - 30% order payment is required to proceed with the order.
  •  Pre-order Paid - 30% order payment has been received. 
  •  Pre-order Production - Order is being manufactured and will be ready according to the production schedule. 
  •  Pre-order Ready to Ship - Order is ready to ship and the rest of the payment is required before we ship out the order.

For more information about pre-ordering, visit How Pre-orders Work.

Regular Orders:

  •  Pending Payment or PayPal Invoice - Order payment is required to proceed with the order. 
  •  Payment Review - Order payment is being reviewed before we can proceed with the order. This can take approximately 3 to 21 days to process. Please keep checking the status of your order. 
  •  Paid - Order payment has been received. 
  •  Production - Order is being custom cut, collected, and reviewed for shipping.
  •  Production Hold - Order is on hold due to various reasons. Contact Customer Service to release the order: customerservice@wazoodle.com
  •  Shipped - Order has been shipped and is in route to your doorstep.

If you have questions about your order status or if you feel the order status doesn’t match where you think you are in the ordering process, contact us immediately

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