Diaper Patterns

Diaper Patterns

All Little Green Bear Diaper Patterns are currently available for FREE! Visit our Knowledge Base to learn how to order and download these patterns.

Little Green Bear PreMe Diaper Pattern - The PreMe Diaper Pattern is used for babies from 4-7lbs.  It's the same pattern used in production of LGB PreMe diapers. It is a wonderful pattern for comfort and performance & the easiest high quality diaper you will ever make! You may use this pattern to make your own diapers or simply purchase our PreMe Diaper Kit & start sewing your own preme diapers today.

Little Green Bear Fitted Diaper Pattern - The Fitted Diaper Pattern is professionally designed to provide excellent fit, comfort & perfornamce. It's the best-selling pattern we use for our ready-made diapers. It's an easy pattern to use to make your very own high quality diapers. You may use this diaper pattern to make your own diapers or purchase our Bamboo Diaper Kit & start sewing your own home made diapers.

Little Green Bear Tuckables Cover Pattern - The Tuckable Cover Pattern is used to make innovative one pieece Little Green Bear Tuckables Covers.


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