Congratulations to the winners of our October 2015 Weekly Order Raffle, who have each won 1000 Zoodles worth $10! You can use the 1000 Zoodles to shop for anything on the retail website.

A big applause for the winners - Jackie McBean, Sarah Kocsis, Mary Humberd, & Vanessa Wayman. 

Perhaps you'd like to try one of our new Swatch Kits.

  • Each fabric swatch is hand-cut by one of our Wazoodle family members, not by some automated cutting machine.
  • Every fabric swatch is collected for the kit when you order, so you can be sure that you are receiving all the latest fabrics.
  • All swatch kits are labelled with the product names, so you save time & money.

The Zoodle Points can be redeemed by entering the coupon code (in the congratulatory email) in the "My Account" area under "Reward Points".

You could be our next Raffle winner! How to participate & win

Would you like to see fabric giveaways? Leave us a comment below & tell us what fabric you would like to win.